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This is our collection of the F-84F Thunderstreaks that have been pictured not only during their active service-life but also after withdrawal, in museums, as gate guards, or just dumped. Special focus (being the majority of the photos presented here) is on the aircraft that served with the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu), the Royal Netherlands Air Force , but galleries holding pictures of Thunderstreaks of other air forces (e.g. the Belgian Air Force) are presented as well.

Open Day Deelen (NL), June 1971

juli 14, 2014 |

The Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht had two Open Days in 1971: one at Eindhoven AB on September 18th (see our seperate gallery elsewhere on this website) and one at Deelen AB on June 11-12.

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Dutch Thunderstreaks in active service

mei 1, 2014 |

In total the KLu (Koninklijke Luchtmacht) acquired 180 Thunderstreaks, registered P-101 to P-277 and P-298 to P-300. The majority of the Streaks depicted in this album are selected out of the range P-157 to P-300, being the last of the type in operational service, flying with both 314 and 315 squadrons from Eindhoven AB. The Streak entered service in 1955 and the last ones were phased out in 1970. Last departures to other air forces (see below) took place in 1971. Read More

F-84Fs of the Italian Air Force

augustus 10, 2013 |

In ITALY the Thunderstreaks equipped 8 air force squadrons: 5th at Rimini, 6th at Ghedi, 8th at Cervia, 36th at Goia del Colle, 50th at Piacenza and the 51st at Istrana. Some Streaks were kept in service till 1972 when the 50th squadron at Piacenza was re-equipped with the F-104S Starfighter.

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F-84F of the Greek/Hellenic Air Force

mei 20, 2013 |

This gallery deals with the Thunderstreaks that once flew with  the  Greek  Air Force. Most pictures were taken when Frank and Hans were invited to visit the Greek AFB Larissa to report on the Best Hit Meet in 1972: after a lot of asking we were allowed to picture some operational aircraft of 345 squadron that were based here at Larissa.

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Dutch Thunderstreaks: KLu F-84Fs Out of Service

april 12, 2013 |

After their operational service about 30 Streaks were temporarily used as eye-catchers (“decoys”) at air-bases of the KLu: about 4 aircraft were present at each airfield. They were removed and scrapped in 1980. A few Dutch F-84F’s still survive today as gate-guards, monuments ,instructional airframes or museum aircraft. In this gallery you will find a selection of the pictures we took between 1970 and today. Note that most aircraft depicted here are not present anymore at the locations as mentioned.

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USAF/ANG Thunderstreaks

november 24, 2012 |

The United States of America had large numbers of  Thunderstreaks in its USAF and ANG service; numerous Tactical Fighter Wings (mainly U.S. based, but also in Europe) were equipped with this aircraft.

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Belgian Thunderstreaks: Aircraft Out of Service

oktober 18, 2012 |

Many Thunderstreaks of the Belgian Air Force ended their service lives at the aircraft-depot at Koksijde AB. Most of them were scrapped but some survived: at first as eye-catchers (“decoys”) – sometimes disguised as Mirages ! – and later in museums or as monuments. This gallery gives an overview on the faiths of various Belgian Thunderstreaks. Note that withdrawn a/c may not be present anymore at the given locations.

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Belgian Thunderstreaks: Period of Active Service

oktober 18, 2012 |

We have seen the Thunderstreaks of the Belgian Air Force very frequently, both in operational conditions and in storage.  This post shows pictures of Thunderstreaks operational in Belgian Air Force service.

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