Brussels-Melsbroek Open Days (Belgium), June 24 – 25, 1967

On June 24th / 25th , 1967 the annual International Air Show in Belgium took place at Melsbroek near Brussels, the home of the air transport fleet of the Belgian Air Force. Hans’ pictures in this gallery were still made with a relatively simple camera and no tele-lens could be used as yet…

Therefore the pictures shown here , made by Hans (some negs.& slides used were received from thirds , belonging to both our collections) were mostly taken not of the air show itself, but mainly of the resident Packets, Dakotas and Pembrokes and a few participating aircraft , which were in the air , on static show and on their parking places , outside and inside their hangars .Besides ,a few were taken in their landing-paterns , while doing some aircraft-spotting. Enjoy this impression !

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