Keiheuvel Air Shows (B) , 1968 – 1972

In the late 1960 and early 1970ties the Keiheuvel airshows (Keiheuvel is a dusty grass airstrip in the north of Belgium) were notorious among the Eindhoven spotters.

The organizers often managed to contract famous aerobatic teams (Slivers), fighter aircraft (Lightning, A-10) and even heavy bombers (a Vulcan!). Also the Blue Bees -an Alouette equipped heli team of the Belgian Aemy, at that time based in Germany- were regular performers.

The pictures shown by Hans are all from the August 1971 edition. Those made by Frank were taken in earlier and later years.

Hans: The 1971 edition featured a Belgian Air Force Sikorsky S-58 making several passes “nose-down” which was quite spectacular to see happening ! The Alouette II equipped demoteam The Blue Bees also gave a show on that memorable 29th of August.


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  1. Peter Gordts Reply

    Thank you, gentlemen, for solving a problem that I have been struggling with for years! On Sunday 3 September 1972, the Slivers flew their first and only show over Keiheuvel, their 48th since the formation of the famous duo team. According to his logbook, Palmer De Vlieger was at the stick of F-104G FX81 that day for a 30-minute flight from and to Beauvechain (EBBE), including a High Show for the crowd of Aeroclub Keiheuvel. Steve Nuyts unfortunately forgot to record the identification of ‘his’ a/c in that show, the only oblivion in an otherwise excellent ‘accounting’ of 90 shows between 1969 and 1975. Thanks to Frank’s photos I can now finally confirm a suspicion: Steve flew FX80 that day, the aircraft Palmer had flown 4 times that season.

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