In the last weekend of June 2015 the French Air Force organized a Meeting de l’Air at its Luxeuil – St Sauveur airbase (BA 116).

Since July 2011 BA116 Luxeuil-Saint Saveur (BA stands for Base Aerienne, or Airbase in English) is the home of Groupe de Chasse 1/2 “Cicognes” (Storches), that is currently equipped with Mirage 2000-5F air defense aircraft.  Groupe de Chasse (Fighter Group) 1/2 consist of 3 Escadrilles: SPA3 (“Cigognes de Guynemer:), SPA26 (“Cicogners de Saint-Galmier”)and SPA103 (“Cicognes de Fonck”); they all carry, in line with the BA number of Luxeuil, a 116- registration and have a picture of a storch (each escadrille/flight  has the storch in a  different flight mode) on their fins.

The airshow was the third and last to be organized in France (the others being Solenzara and Tours). Both the static and the airshow featured some interesting species, including a number of attractive warbirds; these are presented in a separate gallery.

Frank visited Luxeuil on Saturday  27 June 2015; here’s a selection of his photos shot that day.

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