MVK Valkenburg (NL) , Open Day , June 1st , 1990

Different types of NATO-maritime patrol aircraft belonging to several naval air arms were present and on static during the Open Day , that was held at the Dutch Naval Air Station Valkenburg on June 1st , 1990. Especially the Royal Navy was well represented by a Jetstream and two Westland Gazelles of the Pusser’s Pair , which gave a nice air-demonstration. Hans took some pictures and  this gallery shows you an impression.

Furthermore , the Duke of Brabant’s North American Mitchell was prominently present as a Warbird and the Museum’s Hawker Sea Hawk , nicely painted in Dutch Navy colours , could also be admired in open air and on static. (some pictures of this aircraft and of the B-25’s-“starting-up” and arrival may be found in our Preserved Aircraft Album.)


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