Royal Air Force Wildenrath (Germany) Open Day, July 5th, 1970

Wildenrath was one of the airbases of the RAF in Germany, and in July 1970 it was mainly accomodating the last Canberras, the first Harriers and nr.60 squadron Pembrokes. The base closed in April 1992; nowadays it is merely an industrial site where the Siemens group is testing trains. Frank was one of the visitors in 1970 and conserved a number of pictures he took there as an 18 year old boy.


  1. Malcolm Ellis Reply

    I was a member of 17 Squadron from 1959-1961, many happy memories of my stay there.learning to drink Tucher beer in the NAAFI, and going out to Arsbeck the dancing Ärsbecker Hof, great fun.

  2. Ian Watson Reply

    Dear all,

    I would like to use a couple of the images found here in two forth coming books. One covering the history of the RAF in Germany and another project covering the history of the RAF on display. Could you please contact me on the following email address:

    Best wishes,

    Ian Smith Watson

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