Royal Air Force Wildenrath (Germany) Open House, July 6th, 1975

On July 6th , 1975 an Open House took place at RAF Wildenrath (Germany) again and also this time it attracted many thousands of people , while temperatures were above average. It was interesting enough though with a large Static Show and featuring an alert take-off by an Avro Vulcan. This gallery presents to you a photo-impression made by Frank and Hans.


  1. Mark Blackburn Reply

    Hi, I visited RAF Wildenrath at this time as a young RAF air cadet and am writing a book about my experiences. May I use one of these pictures?

    1. Frank Reply

      Sorry for the delay in answering; yes, please feel free to use my pictures in your book, but I would appreciate to be credited as Frank Klaassen/

      Frank Klaassen

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