Sanicole Air Show , Hechtel , Belgium , August 2nd , 1998

Although the 2019 Air Show organized by Aeroclub Sanicole at the small airfield of Hechtel in Belgium (near Leopoldsburg) had to be postponed for the first time in its history , it has become a tradition on a weekend in August each year.

Hans visited the 1998 edition on August 2nd that year . Highlights were several fly-by´s of the famous Lockheed Super Constellation and the formation-flight of two MIG 29´s and one MIG 15.

On the ground there was a small static show with some civil and warbird-aircraft lined up . Because of their vertical take-off and landing capabilities Hechtel could receive different types of helicopters and also the British Harrier was present although most aircraft participating operated out of nearby Kleine Brogel Air Base.

The Air Show was much appreciated by the thousands of spectators and Hans not in the least !

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