Aircraft-Carrier Visit USS Nimitz, August 16 – 17, 1976

In August 1976 Hans had the opportunity to pay a two-day visit to the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ during its first deployment to the Mediterranean. Departing from NAS Sigonella Sicily on the 16th he made the flight to the aircraft-carrier in Grumman Greyhound 148148 (only some Super 8 movie images available ) and landed on the ship , which was – as you can imagine – a unique experience , never to forget (!) .The return flight to Sigonella  was made in Boeing-Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight 151934 on the following an excellent view while flying low over the sea and the island of Sicily

A few prints in this gallery concern official pictures that were handed over to Hans during his visit to the carrier and were cleared for publication , but the majority was taken by Hans himself, as stated.

Hans wishes to express his gratitude to friend , colleague and travel-companion Jelle Hogetoorn jr. , without whose efforts this splendid and unforgettable trip would not have been possible.


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  1. Boerries Burkhardt Reply

    Interesting to see the first real Grumman C-2A Greyhound BuNo 148148 with the VR-24 from Sig. The aircraft had still the Modex 148 on the nose. And USS Nimitz in the Med. Also unusual. Thanks for the report and I would like to see the 8mm movie with the Greyhound fropm Hans.

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