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Fighter & fighter-trainer aircraft

From the 1960s onwards both the Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) and the Belgian Air Force had many fighter aircraft in its inventory; Since we refer to the era from the Sixties to the Eighties as “our golden years of spotting”, this gallery will present the KLu/BAF fighter-jets and fighter-trainer-jets of that particular time: especially Hunters, NF-5s, Mirages and Starfighters. The F-16B is also added because we have seen lots of them flying although be it in a later period.
The F-84F Thunderstreak is of course the main feature of our website and special galleries are devoted to our personal favorite type of aircraft.


October 16, 2019 | 3

Commencing in 1955 the Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) in total received 189 Hawker Hunters (F.4 and F.6 versions), equipping six squadrons at Leeuwarden , (Twenthe) ,Woensdrecht and Soesterberg. The F.4s (serials N-101 upto N-196) were phased out in … Read More

KLu: Northrop-Canadair NF-5B

October 11, 2019 |

The Royal Netherlands Air Force acquired thirty NF-5B tandem seat fighter-bomber-trainers , license-built in Canada , with serials K-4001 to K-4030.

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KLu : F-16B

September 19, 2019 |

No less than 213 F-16 fighter aircraft were delivered to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) in 1979 and later years , 36 (thirty six) of these being two-seaters of the F-16B version .

The F-16´s of the dual seat … Read More

KLu : Lockheed TF-104G

July 6, 2016 |

The TF-104G was the fighter-trainer version of the well known Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Read More