From the 1960s onwards both the Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) and the Belgian Air Force had many fighter aircraft in its inventory; Since we refer to the era from the Sixties to the Eighties as “our golden years of spotting”, this gallery will present the KLu/BAF fighter-jets and fighter-trainer-jets of that particular time: especially Hunters, NF-5s, Mirages and Starfighters. The F-16B is also added because we have seen lots of them flying although be it in a later period.
The F-84F Thunderstreak is of course the main feature of our website and special galleries are devoted to our personal favorite type of aircraft.


Commencing in 1955 the Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) in total received 189…

KLu: Northrop-Canadair NF-5B

The Royal Netherlands Air Force acquired thirty NF-5B tandem seat fighter-bomber-trainers , license-built in Canada , with serials K-4001…

KLu : F-16B

No less than 213 F-16 fighter aircraft were delivered to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) in…

KLu : Lockheed TF-104G

The TF-104G was the fighter-trainer version of the well known Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.