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Nowadays the variety is somewhat limited, but in the past aircraft-spotters had the opportunity to see far more different (military) aircraft types flying by and in greater numbers. Especially lucky for us ,however, belonging to the older generation, many of these still can be seen namely in aircraft museums, as gate-guards at airbases, as eyecatchers, static displays, wrecks, etc. etc.
In this album we try to bring together images of the preserved past.

Deelen AB (NL) Open Day, June 17th, 1978

October 19, 2012 |

At least two Warbirds participated in the Airshow at Deelen in 1978 : the Mitchell and the Boeing B-17, both painted in USAAF-colours. Hans shows you the pictures he made of them.

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Sixties and Later Years : Prominent Dutch civil (PH-) registrations

October 19, 2012 |

When Warbirds first took to the sky during the Sixties lots of them were kept in flying condition with their assigned civil registrations prominently visible .The (Lancaster-Spitfire-Hurricane) aircraft of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight were among the first to be seen , painted  in military colours. In the Netherlands the first Warbirds were some ex-KLu -Harvards such as the ones in this gallery  , photographed at the Gilze Rijen airshow on August 26 , 1972 , with their PH-registrations prominently visible . Only in later years it became gradually more common to re-paint them entirely in (former) military colours but also then  warbirds could sometimes be seen with their civil-registrations clearly visible. Read More

Soesterberg /MLM- Kamp van Zeist / MLM-Soesterberg (NL), 1980 – 2013

September 29, 2012 |

The Royal Netherlands Air Force Museum (MLM) was established at Soesterberg Air Base in 1968 and moved to a location nearby the village of Soesterberg , called Kamp van Zeist , in 1980 . In this gallery Hans and Frank show you a selection of photographs they made there in the course of time , representing its interesting collection of military aircraft. Dating back to the years 2011 to 2013 also a number of pictures are included , taken in the shelter area of Camp New Amsterdam and in the new housing of the museum at the former air base .

In December 2014 a magnificent , new National Military Museum (NMM) has been opened to the public at the former Air Base . more than worth while visiting !

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