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An aircraft spotter used to be a very busy person, collecting as many registrations and/or pictures of aircraft as possible. When we (Hans and Frank) were young, we used to spend a lot of our free time waiting alongside the runways of Eindhoven air base hoping to spot some strange birds. Sometimes we were lucky, very often not. During holidays we therefore undertook many travels to nearby air force bases such as Volkel and Kleine Brogel, where we could satisfy our needs. You can find the results of these activities under the titles “Aircraft-Spotting by lucky chance“ and “Aircraft-Spotting during Air Events“.
IMPORTANT NOTE : until the Seventies of the last century aircraft-spotting near military airfields could be a tricky hobby and even to-day there are countries where the authorities do not appreciate this kind of activities , so let this also be a warning to you !

Spotting in Belgium

October 18, 2012 |

Photography in Belgium near military airfields and outside the gates and fences was not allowed for many years during the Sixties. The pictures in this gallery represent a selection , taken by the authors in Belgium from early to present days. Also are included some pictures of single ,operational military aircraft , visiting an air-event and taken within the area of an airfield.

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Spotting in the U.K.

October 17, 2012 | 1

In 1970 Hans and Frank made a trip to the U.K. albeit separately and visited several USAFE air bases and took a lot of pictures , most of them “near the landing lights”.

The pictures in this gallery are just a selection and some of them were certainly not easy to take!

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