Royal Flush 1970, Deelen (NL) May 1970

In May 1970 the annual NATO recce exercise “Royal Flush” was organized at the Dutch airbase of Deelen (now closed); participants were : USAFE (26TRW and 10TRW) with RF-4 Phantoms, BAF (42 sq.)with Thunderflashes, CAF (1 CAG) flying CF-104G Starfighters, R.Dan.AF (729 Esk) with Thunderflashes, FAF (ER 33) , Luftwaffe (AKG51) with RF-104G Starfighters, RAF (31 sq.) and R.Neth.AF/K.Lu. (306 sq.) thatwas equipped with RF-104G Starfighters. On May 14 Frank and Hans were allowed to pay a visit.

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