Tactical Weapons Meet, September 1972, Florennes (Belgium)

In the old days NATO organized several exercises; TWM (Tactical Weapons Meet) was a competition between 2ATAF and 4ATAF (Allied Tactical Air Force). In 1972 it was held for the 10th time and participants at Florennes in Belgium were Canadian AF Starfighters (Judge Team), Belgian AF Starfighters) (2nd Wing , Florennes), French AF Mirages (Guest Team, Esc.11/3, Nancy-Ochey) ,W.German AF Starfighters (JBG31, Nörvenich and JBG33, Büchel), R.Neth.AF(311/312 sq., Volkel, Starfighters), Royal Air Force Germany (14/17/31 sq.,Brüggen with Phantoms) and USAF in Europe ( 36TFW, Bitburg and 81TFW, Bentwaters, Phantoms).

Frank and Hans visited the Meet on September 21st and 22nd, 1972 and this is a selection of the photos they made . They were also invited to make a trip by helicopter to the Helchteren (Pampa) Range. Their written article on this subject appeared in the October 1972-issue of Flash Aviation Magazine.

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