We have seen the Thunderstreaks of the Belgian Air Force very frequently, both in operational conditions , in storage and/or as museum-pieces.  This post deals with pictures of Thunderstreaks  in Belgian Air Force service, while they still were operational.

Belgium flew its Thunderstreaks from 1955 till 1972. The aircraft entered service with nr. 2 Wing at Florennes and nr. 10 Wing at Kleine Brogel; Kleine Brogel replaced them by Starfighters in 1965; the aircraft that still were capable to fly went to Florennes, the others were scrapped at Koksijde.  Nr. 2 Wing at Florennes kept flying the F-84F till 1972, when the last ones were replaced by the Mirage 5. Most surviving aircraft were placed in storage at Koksijde and eventually scrapped. A few survived and were placed as monuments or added to museum-collections.
FU022 (CGH)

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