Thunderstreaks of the KLu (out of service)

After their operational service about 30 Streaks were temporarily used as eye-catchers (“decoys”) at air-bases of the KLu: about 4 aircraft were present at each airfield. They were removed and scrapped in 1980.

In this gallery you will find a selection of the pictures we took in the course of years when specific phased out aircraft were still around.  Most aircraft have since then been removed for scrap .

Only a few of the many are still surviving today. Below is a list of these airframes  and – as far known – their current locations :

P-134 Regionaal Opleidings Centrum , Amsterdam AP , Hoofddorp
P-172 in storage at Deelen AB (tail to museum Deelen)
P-191 gateguard Gilze-Rijen AB
P-224 Genie Opleidings Centrum ,Reek (in bad condition)
P-226 Dutch Military Aviation Museum , Soesterberg (MLM)
P-229 Genie Opleidings Centrum, Reek (in bad condition)
P-230 split in parts ; nose-section to Gilze Rijen AB
P-231 Eindhoven AB , Museum Corner
P-248 gate guard at Volkel AB
P-254 in storage at Eindhoven AB


P-263 Belgium , monument in Veerle (repainted uncamouflaged )(possibly tail of P-243)
P-104 Turkye , Konya AB (in Turkish AF c/s : “27131”) (possibly removed by now)
P-236 Greece , Ioannina AP, Greece (in Hellenic AF c/s : “36741”)
P-255 Greece , Souda-Chania AB , Crete , Greece ,near the gate (in Hellenic AF c/s : “36745”)

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