In ITALY the Thunderstreaks equipped 8 air force squadrons: 5th at Rimini, 6th at Ghedi, 8th at Cervia, 36th at Goia del Colle, 50th at Piacenza and the 51st at Istrana. Some Streaks were kept in service till 1972 when the 50th squadron at Piacenza was re-equipped with the F-104S Starfighter.

Prominently presented in this gallery are the pictures of 4 Thunderstreaks that visited Eindhoven in 1968. They came from the 36th Wing at Goia del Colle, stayed at Eindhoven for a few days and then took off again on the 2nd of September. The local spotters (including Frank) were -after a lot of asking- allowed to photograph these aircraft that were parked in front of the tower and Hans in his turn managed to picture them on the taxy-track  before departure !

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