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F-84F of the Greek/Hellenic Air Force

F-84F of the Greek/Hellenic Air Force

This gallery deals with the Thunderstreaks that once flew with  the  Greek  Air Force. Most pictures were taken when Frank and Hans were invited to visit the Greek AFB Larissa to report on the Best Hit Meet in 1972: after a lot of asking we were allowed to picture some operational aircraft of 344 squadron that were based here at Larissa.

Longest user of all , GREECE kept its Streaks in operational condition up to 1983. The Greek Air Force received many of their first F-84Fs in 1958 (both brandnew and ex-USAF); later they got some surplus aircraft from France, Germany and Holland. In total they had 6 squadrons on strength over the years. The Greek replaced their F-84Fs withF-5s, A-7H Corsairs and F-4 Phantoms.

The Greek F-84Fs were officially retired in August 1978 (344sqn) but a small fleet continued to fly as a part of the 348TRS which was flying with the RF-84F Thunderflash at that time. In 1981, the 344sqn was reactivated using the remaining fleet of F-84Fs until July 1983 when the definite retirement took place (this info courtesy Tasos KELTEMLIDIS).

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