The Armée de l’Air received  circa 125 Thunderstreaks.

The first was delivered – or rather transferred from the USAF- to the F.A.F. in December 1955. Thunderstreaks were based at St. Dizier with the 1st Wing and at Reims (3rd Wing). Remarkable is , that F-84F’s of these two Wings were the only aircraft of the type that ever were involved in real combat , namely during the Suez War in 1956. Moreover the 4th Wing (at Bremgarten resp. Luxueil), the 9th Wing (at Metz ) and the 11th Wing at again Luxueil were equipped with Thunderstreaks.

The first  aircraft were already phased out in 1958, when the 3rd and 11th Wing received their new F-100 Super Sabres; the surplus French Streaks were handed over to the air forces of Turkey and Greece.

And starting June 1959 the remainder of the Thunderstreaks started to leave the French Air Force; nos 1 and 9 Wing were disbanded, Escadre de Chasse no. 4 converted to the Mirage IIIE. By 1966 the Armee de l’Air had disposed of all of its F-84Fs.


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