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THUNDERSTREAKS of the Turkish Air Force

THUNDERSTREAKS of the Turkish Air Force

Between 1959 and 1966 the Turkish Air Force received nearly 300 second handed Thunderstreaks from France, Germany and the Netherlands, with which they equipped 9 squadrons.The Streaks were kept in service till 1974; the last units to fly the F-84F were nos 131 and 132 squadron based at Konya. The Turks replaced their Thunderstreaks by Northrop F-5s and subsequently scrapped nearly all of them.

The b/w pictures in this gallery are official NATO photos. They show a couple of ex-French Thunderstreaks that were handed over to Turkey late 1959 (courtesy F. Loubette). The others are preserved airframes.



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  2. Dear Sir,
    please would you be so kind as to help me with a query. Did Turkish Air Force F-84F’s and RF-84F’s carry the National Insignia on the upper wings when in a a silver overall.. Models of these aircraft show this but photos look not to have them ?.


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