Between 1959 and 1966 the Turkish Air Force received nearly 300 second handed Thunderstreaks from France, Germany and the Netherlands, with which they equipped 9 squadrons.The Streaks were kept in service till 1974; the last units to fly the F-84F were nos 131 and 132 squadron based at Konya. The Turks replaced their Thunderstreaks by Northrop F-5s and subsequently scrapped nearly all of them.

The b/w pictures in this gallery are official NATO photos. They show a couple of ex-French Thunderstreaks that were handed over to Turkey late 1959 (courtesy F. Loubette).


  1. Hayrullah UZUNER Reply

    Hello there
    I work in the Turkish Air Force
    Photos I saw on your internet site, I want to use them for a post
    If you let me be so happy
    The link below is 4 photos I need (high resolution)
    Best regards.

    Hayrullah UZUNER

  2. R.ROBINSON, Reply

    Dear Sir,
    please would you be so kind as to help me with a query. Did Turkish Air Force F-84F’s and RF-84F’s carry the National Insignia on the upper wings when in a a silver overall.. Models of these aircraft show this but photos look not to have them ?.


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