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  • On September 4, 2016

Hundreds of airplanes having been sold worldwide , the F-27 was undoubtedly the most successful design of the Dutch Fokker aircraft factory and it was even built under license by Fairchild in the U.S.

This elegantly looking transport aircraft was mostly used by civil airlines and commonly called : “Friendship” , while  the military often used the name “Troopship”.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force acquired twelve F-27’s entering service in 1960 and they were serialled C-1 to C-12 , the last ones being phased out as late as in 1996. In these 36 years nr.334 squadron carried out many passenger and freight-transport flights to lots of destinations , but they were also used for special duties and even in aerobatics  by the “F-27 Display Team” , which was extraordinary for a transport plane !

Different colour-schemes were applied during its career : at first they were still uncamouflaged with “day-glow” , but this changed during the Seventies .In the final phase various  white and grey camo.-liveries were adopted  .

In this gallery we present you a selection of pictures of all twelve of the aircraft as we have seen them over the years.



  1. Frank de Jong

    Hello, my name is Frank de Jong I know the Fokker F27 c3, c5,c7 In 1971 I had a course to be paratrooper. Oou classroom was in a hangar at airport Gilze Rijen, Netherlands. From ther the plane went to the Rechte Heide at Tilburg. We landed at the Old Grave Hills. Afterwards the plane was coming back for droping the food. Then we went to the school of the special force at Roozendaal where we had real beds and a bar. Next day the same. To be ther was hard training and examination. The traing in the mock up was hard. I was beaten so many times, I stil know the drill to leave the plane. In the plane wher two rows of chaires. Called leftwing stick an one for the rightwing stick. The plane has the backdoors removed and ther was an iron cap placed on a aircap after the dooropening. In the plane was a cable from upside door to th pilot room to th floor between the backdoors. Th chute was hooked uo at the cable. When you leave the plane everything goes by itself. Two sticks of 15 man.
    It was forbidden to make any pictures at the school, so I donot have a color photo off the C3, C5 or C7. Is it possible , you send me some pictures from them?

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