BAF : Lockheed T-33

The Belgians received in total 38 Lockheed T-33 jet trainers , which were gradually delivered from 1952 onwards. At first the T-33s that came out of USAF-stocks flew in bare -metal with their TR Buzz-numbers on the nose.

Later on -still in bare metal – they got special Belgian FT-registrations which appeared on tail and nose of the aircraft together with dayglow painting.

From about 1970 the Vietnam-style camouflage was introduced and most pictures in this gallery are from that period.

In 1962 six T-33s went on loan to the Netherlands ( , namely FT5,4,6,7,8 and 11 , where they got temporary registrations M-42 to M-47(see gallery KLu T-33)

In 1965/1966 another two , namely FT3 and FT9 followed the others as Dutch M-59 and M-60 .Eventually they were all returned to BAF service in August 1972 , except for FT8 (M-46) which crashed in June 1965 .

The T-33s was phased out of BAF service in 1979 , when 3 aircraft ( FT21, FT28 and FT30) went to the Portuguese Air Force to soldier on and another 14 were returned to USAF stocks in the U.K.

Two BAF T-33s remain in Belgium today : FT24 at Beauvechain Historical Center and FT34 in the Belgian Forces Museum in Brussels.



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