KLu: DHC-2 Beaver

The Beaver was in service from 1955 till 1974; in September ’55 the first aircraft arrived with 334 squadron at Ypenburg AB.

In 1966 the 9 Beavers were assigned to no. 300 sqn that was also at Ypenburg. The squadron (basically an army aviation unit called GPLV) later moved to Deelen and the Beavers were based there till their retirement in September 1974. Beaver serialed S-9 is still airworthy, flying with the KLu Historical Section at Gilze Rijen and Beaver S-6 belongs to the collection of the National Military Museum at Soesterberg.

Out of nine, only one was lost in all those years: S-2 crashed in 1968.

(note that this type of K.Lu. aircraft has been frequently seen by us in active operational service , which is the reason for composing this photo gallery)


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