Klu aircraft : C-130 Hercules

The Lockheed aircraft factory in the U.S. designed and produced a variety of aircraft of great fame through the years.

One of their major achievements in the military transport aircraft field has been the C-130 Hercules driven by four Allison engines. Thousands of these heavy transport aircraft have been built and sold all over the world.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (K.Lu.) acquired 4 Hercules aircraft (H-Model).

The first two (stretched version) were delivered in 1994 and serialled G-273 and G-275 . The other two (short version) with registrations G-781 and G-988 came later on .

This gallery contains some pictures of the Dutch C-130 in different settings and colourschemes.

(this type of K.Lu aircraft is well known to us , which is the reason for composing this photo gallery)


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