KLu : Fokker S-11 Instructor

Besides the successful Fokker F-27 Friendship the post-war Dutch Fokker Aircraft Industry built – amongst other types – an  elementary trainer for military use., the Fokker S-11 Instructor .

The S-11 was also sold abroad in small numbers and license building was undertaken in Israel , Brazil and Italy.

In the beginning of the Fifties the K.Lu. (Royal Netherlands Air Force ) was searching for a successor of the Tiger Moth and thus accquired some 40 S-11´s. Later on also the Dutch naval air service (MLD) made use of some ex.-Klu examples.

For many years the Fokker S-11 was a common sight in the skies over the Netherlands and although already phased out by the KLu more than forty years ago , some of these yellow painted birds can still be seen in the air nowadays , since the Fokker Four formation display team is operating  them , seventy years after the type made its first flight !

(note that tis type of K.Lu. aircraft has been freqently seen by us in active operational service which is the reason for composing this photo gallery)


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