KLu : Lockheed TF-104G

The TF-104G was the fighter-trainer version of the well known Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.

Eighteen “Duals” of this type came into Dutch service from 1963 onwards and were serialled

D-5702 and D-5801 to D-5817.

Several conversion schools were formed at Twenthe , Leeuwarden and Volkel in order to make pilots getting used to flying the F-104. The “Dutch Masters” OCU at Twenthe was the most significant unit .

As to the livery of these TF’s : at first they were painted in nevellish grey , but later on – during the Seventies – they were all camouflaged. At this time the Base Flights of Leeuwarden and Volkel were the primary users of the two-seaters.

By 1984 phasing-out time had come and ten aircraft were transferred to the Turkish Air Force to begin a second life . The remainder was either withdrawn fom use or donated for museum purposes. All but one (D-5802 that was written off  shortly after delivery in 1967) TF-104G Starfighters are depicted below in their various colour schemes and career-moments.

(note that this type of K.Lu aircraft has been frequently seen by us in active operational service and therefore we composed this photo gallery )



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