KLu: Piper L-21B Super Cub

Three models of the Super Cub were delivered to the Dutch Army: 59 L-18Cs (registered R-30 up to R-88), 18 L-21As (R-201 up to R-217 ; + 1 extra, broken up ) and 78 L-21B models (registered R-101 up-to R-186 ; R-141 to R-148 not included)

As said, the Pipers were Army property, but flown by Air Force pilots. The more powerful L-21B models were delivered in 1955 to nos 298, 299 and 300 squadrons; the last ones of this batch were phased out twenty years later, in 1976. Many Pipers were sold on the civilian market; a few became part of the KLu Historical Flight at Gilze Rijen; they keep 4 of them airworthy.

This type of K.Lu aircraft has been frequently seen by us in active operational service and therefore we composed this photo gallery .

Below is our comprehensive photo collection of L-21 Pipers:

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