NMM Soesterberg

Until 2008 Soesterberg Air Base , the Netherlands  was in use by the KLu. and in that year the base was closed for operational flying activities.The American 32nd “Wolfhounds“ squadron already disbanded back in 1994.

In 2014 the entire aircraft collection  of the M.L.M., the Dutch Military Aviation Museum (see elsewhere on our site), previously at nearby Kamp van Zeist ,moved to the former Air Base and went either into depot or into exhibition.

In the meantime a huge building-construction came into being at the  Air Base , situated on the grounds of the (former) platforms and hangars , which opened its doors as the new National Military Museum (N.M.M.) by the end of 2014. This new housing became the home of a part of M.L.M.’s aircraft-collection but it is also an Army Museum and generally dedicated to the history of War and Peace. Quite impressive !

Hans visited the new Museum several times since the opening and shows you some of the pictures he took on location. He visited the Museum often during Special Events when a number of aircraft that normally are in depot are being displayed out-doors. His most recent visit  was in July  2023.

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