Rotterdam-Zestienhoven (NL), 40 Years Liberation Airshow, May 5th, 1985

In 1985 it was forty years ago that World War II ended and therefore a special Liberation Airshow was organized at Rotterdam-Zestienhoven Airport on May 5th . Lots of Warbirds and historic aircraft were present and this gallery shows a selection of pictures, taken by Hans.


  1. IAN HINKS Reply

    Hans, I was sent a link to the page showing the Lancaster PA474 in Holland for the 40th Anniversary of the liberation of Holland and operation Manna celebrations. I was a Corporal engine fitter on BBMF at this time and although I was not on this trip, I would like to get a higher resolution copy of the side on view of the Lancaster photo if you would be so kind. I should be able to identify te person in the mid upper turret. The other photo you have posted with the person in the right hand cockpit side waving should be Sqn. Ldr. Bill Holdsworth, a veteran of the original Manna drops who was co-pilot on the BBMF Lancaster on the anniversary trip.
    Ian Hinks.

  2. Johan Nobel Reply

    I actually ended up here through a google search.
    In fact as a 20 year old student at nearby Delft university I visited this airshow (my first) and it was great.
    Some great heritage airplanes (Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane, Catalina), a F-104 ‘Starfighter’ that seriously shook some of my internal organs (LOUD), great memory

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