Eindhoven 1993

A wide variety of aircraft types presented itself during the 1993 Eindhoven Open Days ( see report elsewhere on the site).

On the 1st and 2nd of July the landing-area was already crowded with aircraft-spotters and photographers (Hans included) . In a long procession all the participating aircraft came gradually in to join the party.

Remarkable was the presence of various types sent in by former East Block countries . To be spotted were the L-39 , AN-12 , SU-25 . TU-134 , MIG 23 , MIG 29 . AN-26 and helicopter-types MI-17 . MI-24 and Sokol.

As you can imagine these two days were fine examples of how excellent weather conditions can make aircraft-spotting and photographing very enjoyable.

Hans left the scene on his hired bike in a pleasant mood and travelled back home by train (which he did twice on these days).

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