Koksijde Air Base , Belgium, July 5th , 1991 (Arrivals for Open Days)

Koksijde Air Base is situated near the Belgian coast and the Westland Sea King helicopter equipped the resident 40th Rescue Squadron , BAF , for a long time. The popular and commonly known Belgian TV/series Windkracht 10 was recorded here a few decennia ago.

When Hans took his car and went to Koksijde on July 5th , 1991 (quite a drive from central NL , by the way !) he was curious to see what sorts of aircraft would be arriving for the two Open Days that were planned there on the following two days.A nice variety was indeed coming in to land: amongst others the CASA Aviojets of the Spanish demoteam La Patrulla Aguila , two RAF Harriers , two RAF Phantoms and Tornados of both the RAF and the German Luftwaffe.

You are invited to have look at the (selection of) pictures Hans made alongside the taxy/track outside the field. On the next day he visited the Open Day itself but that is another chapter to be dealt with in future.

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