NATO Tactical Weapons Meet ,RAF Wildenrath , Germany , June 1967 (a/c spotting)

In June 1967 Gijs and Hans went for a biking (!) -trip from Eindhoven to Brussels (Open Day , see elsewhere on the site) and via Bierset and Geilenkirchen to RAF Wildenrath , Germany . At Wildenrath the NATO Tactical Weapons Meet took place at the time.

Participants to the Meet were : U.K. (Canberras 14 sq. from Wildenrath) ,Belgium (F-104s 10 Wing from Kleine Brogel , F-84Fs 2 Wing from Florennes ) , Germany (F-104s JBG31 from Norvenich) , the Netherlands (F-104s 312 sq, from Volkel ,F-84Fs 314 sq. from Eindhoven) (2 ATAF) and U.S. (F-4Ds 36 TFW from Bitburg) , Canada (CF-104s 1 AD from Lahr) , Germany (Fiat G-91s LKG44 from Leipheim , F-104s JBG33 from Buchel) , France (Mirage 3Es 3 EC from Lahr ) (4 ATAF).

In use was the Helchteren shooting-range in Belgium and 2 ATAF eventually won the Meet.

The pictures in this gallery were NOT taken by Hans but the negatives were received from correspondents on the exchange market.

All aircraft shown here in their landing patterns were however spotted by Hans on location and during the occasion from the 28th to the30th of June 1967.

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