Naval Air Station Valkenburg , NL , June 6th , 1992(departures Open Day)

The days before and after a military aviation event such as an Open Day always attract many plane spotters and photographers , because of the participating aircraft arriving and departing on those days.

As an aircraft-spotter Hans visited the Dutch naval Air Base Valkenburg (now closed) both on June 3rd and 4th, 1992 and on the 6th of June . The actual Open Day was held on June 5th .

Apart from some local flights the 6th was a departure day of aircraft that were present during the Open Day , including the Crusader , the Super Etendard . the Nimrod , the Phantom , the Atlantic and the Orion .

From outside the Air Base Hans took the pictures that appear in this gallery of the aircraft passing along the taxy-track and two aircraft of the Spanish demoteam La Patrulla Aguila on take-off.

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