Spotting in the U.K.

In 1970 Hans and Frank made a trip to the U.K. albeit separately and visited several USAFE air bases and took a lot of pictures , most of them “near the landing lights”.

The pictures in this gallery are just a selection and some of them were certainly not easy to take!


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  1. eugene hauber Reply

    A little info on this particular A/C.
    611 was, during the Cuban missile crisis, converted to an EC-118B by installing a planeload of ECM electronic consoles and enough new external antennas to make it look like a porcupine.
    Its home base was VR-1 at NAS PATUXENT RIVER, MD.
    I flew in it many times, but never as the blockade config. That was left up to my good friend Hank Fenzau, the flight engineer and crew chief.
    I recall that southern Maryland received a two day snow fall of around 26 inches and it was then that I recall 611 returned to PAXRIVER for a spell. Upon landing rollout 611 skidded and hit a pile of plowed snow and sheared off its nose gear.
    I don’t recall if that ended 611’s flying days or it was repaired……sorry.

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