Volkel AB (NL), August 31st ,2000 (Arrivals for Open Days)

August 31st , 2000 was a busy day for all personnel at Volkel AB , the Netherlands because lots of aircraft were arriving in preparation for the Open Days that were organised there.

The many aircraft-spotters present were gathered to attend the arrival of some interesting planes that could be added to their collections. What to think of 2 MIG 21 Lancers from Romania and two A-7 Corsair IIs from Greece ?

Prototypes of two brandnew aircraft types also appeared on the scene , namely the Dassault Rafale and the Eurofighter 2000.

Hans of course enjoyed the day making a movie and a photo-impression . Mind that some pictures in this gallery are taken from the movie , so they are less sharp.

Many thanks to colleague-spotter John Bouwmans who drove the car to and fro the landing-area during this remarkable event !

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