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1970 Tiger Meet, Kleine Brogel (B)

May 2, 2018 |

In July 1970 no. 31 squadron of the Belgian Air Force hosted the annual NATO Tiger Meet.

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Tactical Weapons Meet 1968, Jever (Germany)

December 12, 2013 |

Fliegerhorst Jever in Northern Germany hosted the 7th NATO Tactical Weapons Meet , which was an exercise between 2 & 4 ATAF (Allied Tactical Air Force). Units involved were : 311/312 sq.,K.Lu.(Volkel) ; 16 sq., RAFG (Larbruch); 3rd Wing, RCAF (Bad-Söllingen) ; 11th Escadre , FAF (Toul-Rosières); 50th TFW , USAFE (Hahn) ; 48th TFW , USAFE (Lakenheath) ; 10th Wing , BAF(Kleine Brogel); JBG31/33 , WGAF(Nörvenich/Büchel) and LeKG42 , WGAF (Pferdsfeld). This gallery comprises a photo-report of the aircraft participating and also of some visiting and resident aircraft. Hans visited the Meet from 17 to 19 June 1968. Some aircraft-spotting pictures could be taken on the 17th. Special thanks to J.A.H. van den Oever and F.Spangenberg.

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Tactical Weapons Meet 1969, Nörvenich (Germany)

November 3, 2012 |

The 1969 TWM (NATO Tactical Weapons Meet) was held at Fliegerhorst Nörvenich in Germany. Participants to the Meet came from 311/312 squadron(K.Lu.), 10W (BAF), 11 Escadre (FAF), 53 TFS/36 TFW and 20TFW (USAFE), 1AD (RCAF), JABOG 33 + LeKG43/44(Luftwaffe) and 3 sq. (RAF). Referees were flying German TF-104Gs. Frank was present and took the pictures in this gallery.

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