Wrecks, Relics & Monuments, USA and Canada

This gallery holds a number of aircraft that are used as relics, monuments and gate guards which Frank encountered…

NATO Tactical Weapons Meet ,RAF Wildenrath , Germany , June 1967 (a/c spotting)

In June 1967 Gijs and Hans went for a biking (!) -trip from Eindhoven to Brussels (Open…

Spotted in Belgium

Photography in Belgium near military airfields and outside the gates and fences was…

KLu: Lockheed T-33

As a two-seat jet trainer the Lockheed T-33 – commonly known as ” T-Bird” – was developed from the…

Yugoslav Aviation Museum, April 2018

A huge glass, donut-like structure, 500 meters from the terminal of “Nicola Tesla”, Belgrade main airport houses the Yugoslav

1970 Tiger Meet, Kleine Brogel (B)

In July 1970 no. 31 squadron of the Belgian Air Force hosted the annual NATO Tiger Meet.

Spotting at Eindhoven (NL)

Eindhoven was the city where the authors both grew up and became “real” aircraft-spotters at the nearby air base….

Base visit Bierset (B), May 1970

In May 1970 Frank was allowed to visit the Belgian Air Force base of Bierset, at that time home…

Hermeskeil Museum (Germany), August 1990 & July 2016

In 1990 Hans visited the German Hermeskeil Aviation Museum. His introduction to the gallery he created on this site…

Museo dell Aviazione, June 2014

In June 2014 Frank visited the Museo dell Aviazione in Italy.