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Hampton Air Power Park (U.S.A.), May, 2012

November 5, 2012 |

The Hampton Air Power Park is an outdoor museum located in the city of Hampton which is near Langley AFB in Virginia, USA. The museum displays a nice collection of rockets (such as a Mercury capsule and a Polaris missile) and cold war aircraft; the visitors centre holds an impressive collection of aviation-related memorablia. Frank vistied the Hampton Air Power Air Park & Museum in May 2012.

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USAF Thunderbirds demoteam: F-16’s, Soesterberg (NL), June 12th, 1984

October 25, 2012 |

During their European Tour in 1984 the U.S.Air Force’s Flight Demonstration Team The Thunderbirds with their F-16’s also visited Soesterberg Air Base in the Netherlands on June 12th. The public had free access to the Base for the duration of the show and many thousands of people watched and admired the team’s flying skills. Hans was one of the spectators and took the pictures in this gallery , although three of the slides used were acquired via swopping with one of his correspondents at the time.

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